Project “Half way home”

The aim of the project is to provide better living standard in a friendly and family environment for disabled children and youngsters. It will be located in the Charity’s Zvannieki Alternative Family Home premises in Vaive village, Cesu district. “Half way home” will provide all the necessary practical skills that are needed to start independent life for 7 disabled children and youngsters who are living in Zv

Our Bank account No

Dear friends, As our main account was hold in Latvijas Krājbanka, we would like to inform you that we are directly affected by yesterday’s decision of Financial and Capital Market Commission which decided to suspend provision of all financial services by the joint stock company of the JSC “Latvijas Krājbanka”. In this regard, we kindly ask you DO NOT transfer any money to our account in Krājban

Sarma`s blog

You can read more about Zvannieki in this blog: It is written by our dear friend priest Sarma Eglite. She lives in US now, but she have lived in Zvannieki for quite a few years and knows all ins and outs about our live. Enjoy it!  

Zvannieki have new web page

In order to keep up with today’s technologies and opportunities, early this morning the new version of Zvannieki web page was published. Now you can find Zvannieki also on Twitter and Facebook. There are still things that will be changed and improved, so please be patient.